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Querying Json Datasets With Jq

Working with JSON datasets is really common task nowadays, almost any API will output information on this format, but is still complex to manipulate this format when compared with plain-text combined with common unix commands like cut, awk, sed, etc.

To reduce this gap jq was developed with exactly this paradigm in mind jq is like sed for JSON data. This post will walk through the details to: select fields (projection), flatten arrays, filter jsons based on a field value and convert JSON to CSV/TSV.

AWS re:Invent 2014 | (ARC202) Real-World Real-Time Analytics

ABSTRACT: Working with big volumes of data is a complicated task, but it’s even harder if you have to do everything in real time and try to figure it all out yourself. This session will use practical examples to discuss architectural best practices and lessons learned when solving real-time social media analytics, sentiment analysis, and data visualization decision-making problems with AWS.

Data + Design Book: A Intro to Preparing and Visualizing Info

The book “DATA + DESIGN | a simple introduction to preparing and visualizing information” is a excellent reference to create visualization to several types of data, it guides you through simple and complex data with very clear Dos and Don’ts tips. On top of all it is free.