Spark Summit 2014 - Day 1 (Afternoon)

Following the Spark Summit 2014 - Afternoon talks notes

Performing Advanced Analytics on Relational Data with Spark SQL

Michael Armbrust (Databricks) Slides

  • Shark - uses hive optimizer which wasn’t designed to Spark Ending active development of Shark!

  • SchemaRDD <–> RDD provides an unified abstraction to work.


  • SchemaRDD using Scala supports nested Case Class to define tables!

  • You can leverage on the Hive efforts due to wrappers and translators

  • Spark SQL relies on Scala Reflection to improve performance

  • Spark SQL is many times faster Shark



Using Spark Streaming for High Velocity Analytics on Cassandra

Albert P Tobey, Tupshin Harper (Datastax)

  • “Your house is burning down - 10 minutes ago” - a good example of RT data needs :)

Applying the Lambda Architecture with Spark

Jim Scott (MapR Technologies)

Lambda Architecture: img

Hadoop: Everyone try to make it solution for everything

You can implement Spark as Lambda Architecture a unified platform

Cisco/MapR implementation of LA. Used to analyze security threats img

Spark Stack - use cases of Spark’s usage

Testing Spark: Best Practices

Anupama Shetty, Neil Marshall (Ooyala)

Ooyala Application: Player Events -> Kafka -> Spark Log Processor (batch + stream) -> CDH5/HDFS

Spark Log Processor: Json/Thrift

Testing pipeline setup

  • Watir for player’s usage simulation
  • Kafka+Zookeeper locally (vagrant)
  • Spark running on local mode

Stress Testing

Gatling: Stress test tool: homepage * Run performance tests on Jenkins * Setup baselines for any performance tests w/ different scenarios & users * Document your hardware so you can have information to tweak this as you need

ElasticSpark: Building 1000 node elastic Spark clusters on Amazon Elastic MapReduce

Manjeet Chayel (Amazon Web Services)

Integrated to AWS environment: img

Streamlining Search Indexing using Elastic Search and Spark

Holden Karau (Databricks) - @holdenkarau

Source code: Elastic Search on Spark

  • Spotting the differences between offline and online indexing are hard
  • Writing data to ElasticSearch must use ESOutputFormat for Hadoop and then call myRDD.saveAsHadoopDataset(jobconf)

Easy JSON Data Manipulation in Spark

Yin Huai (Databricks)

Working with JSON are easy:

1- 1 line of code to load the dataset 1- register the dataset as a table

Interface to use here and in the future: sqlContext.jsonRDD(data)

Future Work

  • Better/Easily handling corrupted data
  • JSON column
  • SQL DDL commands for defining JSON data sources
  • Support for semi-structured such as CSV file

Will be available at Spark 1.0.1

StreamSQL on Spark: Manipulating Streams by “SQL” using Spark

Grace(Jie) Huang, Jerry(Saisai) Shao (Intel)

Open-source framework: A Real-Time Analytical Processing (RTAP) example using Spark/Shark

  • To manipulate stream data like static data!
  • Output of the StreamSQL is a Stream itself!
  • Built on top of SparkStreaming + Catalyst img

DEMO: img img

Future Work

  • Time-based window function
  • More generic physical plan design (rule-based)
  • Enrich DDL operations. ie: create stream as table
  • Support more streaming source (Flume)
  • CLI for Catalyst and StreamSQL

Spark Job Server: Easy Spark Job Management

Evan Chan, Kelvin Chu (Ooyala, Inc.)

  • GH repo
  • Spark Job Server is a vision to provide Spark as a Service internally on Ooyala img

  • Persistence img

Future Plans

HA and Hot Failover for Jobs img

That’s all for today! Going to Reception now :)

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