Spark Summit 2014 - Day 1

My personal notes during Spark Summit 2014.


Matei Zaharia (CTO, Databricks)

  • More than 1000 attendees to the Summit! Very fast community growth.
  • The most active big data project!
  • Some stats from ohloh
  • New features that came in last months: security, monitoring, HA

Spark SQL

  • Query common DS directly from Spark
  • From JSON!!! On Spark 1.0.1
  • Uniform access from different Datasources

Machine Learning Library (MLlib)

  • 40 contributors since Sep’13

Java 8 Support

Vision for Spark

  • Unified Platform for Big Data (Uniform API for diverse workloads over diverse storage and runtime) Slide

  • Standard Library for Big Data

Ion Stoica (CEO, Databricks)

  • All major distributions supports Spark
  • SAP was announced as Spark Partner
  • Sparks Apps Certification Program (free, scripts are open-source)
  • Sparks Distro Certification Program (free)

  • Traditional Big Data pipeline Slide

  • Databricks Cloud launched (Runs on AWS) Slide

  • Workspaces:

    • Notebooks
    • Dashboards
    • Job Pipeline

Databricks Cloud Platform was really amazing on the demo. Wondering how much it can cost.

What’s Next for BDAS?

Mike Franklin (Director, UC Berkeley AMPLab)

About the Bad-ass stack bets: img

Spark is just part of what we do! Snapshot what they’re doing now: img

What about updates?

Big Data Analytics assume Append-mostly data Working on that for ML

Spark and Cassandra

Martin Van Ryswyk (EVP of Engineering, DataStax)

Weather Channel uses Cassandra and Spark

Using Spark to feedback information to Cassandra, WITHOUT using ETL that’s reason

Driver Cassandra 1.0 ready. Not yet for Spark 1.0 coming soon. Sample code: img

Spark and the future of big data applications

Eric Baldeschwieler (Tech Advisor) @jeric14

  • Real progress on community, people adoption and filing bugs.
  • People taking Hadoop ETL and porting to Spark

Things to improve Spark: * R bindings are necessary * SparkSQL needs to be extended to run against more data stores, including object stores.

Lambda Architecture equivalent at Yahoo! img

Tachyon can improve a lot Spark ecosystem.

“IMHO, Spark is the most exciting thing on Big Data today”

How to get start on Spark

A cool recommendation how to get start:

Spark meets Genomics: Helping Fight the Big C with the Big D

David Patterson (AMP Lab, UC Berkeley)

Emotional story on Spark Summit: SNAP Helps Save A Life

How to get involved? BD Genomics

Break for Lunch!

Gustavo Arjones

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