Spark Summit 2014 - Day 2 (Afternoon)

Following the Spark Summit 2014 - Day 2

BI-style analytics on Spark (without Shark) using SparkSQL & SchemaRDD

Justin Langseth, Farzad Aref (Zoomdata)


  • Moving from Storm to Spark Stream

Why they are using Spark?

  • flexible
  • distributed and fast!
  • rich math library (MLlib, graphX, Bagel)

  • Holding small DS

  • Holding aggregation datasets

  • data fusion across disparate sources

  • complex math


  • Sharing Spark contexts
  • Sharing RDDs across contexts
  • Not sure about Tachyon

A Deeper Understanding of Spark Internals

Aaron Davidson (Databricks)

Major core components for performance

  • exec model
  • shuffle
  • caching

Create exec plan

Pipeline as much as possible Split into stages, on need to reorganize data.

  • Single KV must fit in memory!

Common issues checklist


Tuning the number of partitions


Memory problems


Spark on YARN: a Deep Dive

Sandy Ryza (Cloudera)

YARN: Execution/Scheduling (decides who/what/WHERE gets to run) img

Why to run on YARN?

  • manage workloads (allocate shares)
  • security (kerberos cluster)

YARN Spark 1.0 + CDH 5.1: Easier app submission spark-submit. Stable since CDH 5.0

Yarn Client


Yarn Cluster


Problem with data locality

When running Spark on Yarn, solution is to include on the SparkContext definition where of files location, so yarn can select better containers.

Productionizing a 247 Spark Streaming service on YARN

Issac Buenrostro, Arup Malakar (Ooyala)


Going Live – Things to Address Before Your First Live Deployment

Gary Malouf (MediaCrossing Inc.)

  • Spark Standalone would be better if only Spark were running.
  • Using MESOS, Chronos for job scheduling
  • Cassandra (Long Term Data)

“If you’re starting on 2014, try to go with Spark”

HDFS for small data -> KV data prefer uses Cassandra (rollups, reports, etc)

A Web application for interactive data analysis with Spark

Romain Rigaux (Cloudera)

Submitting spark jobs directly

Hue –> Spark Job Server –> Spark

  • Leverage on Spark Job Server Convert your Job to Spark Job Server, using trait SparkJob

Get started with Spark: deploy Spark Server and compute Pi from your Web Browser

That’s all!

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